History of the Rotary Club of Princeton

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Our Paul Harris Fellows

What is a Paul Harris Fellows?


Lawrence Pace* Curry Blank Jerry Beasley Casey Martin
Dick Copeland John McCabe* Bill Armstrong Wayne Griffith
Emory Reasor* Ira Southern* John Perry Greg Pruett
Joe Marsh* William L. Sheppard* Charles W. Pace Roger Topping
Jack Anderson* Earl Muse* Bob Schumacher Keith Circle
Jim Thompson* Broughton Johnston* Herb McClaugherty Wayne Griffith
Ed Horton C. N. Comerose Frederick H. Krout* Rick Allen
Tommy Seaver* John Johnson Victor L. Allen, Jr. Linda Cox
Grady Carper* Ernest Lilly* Jack Brown Lee Ross
Gay Auvil* H. P. Hunnicutt* Robert Farley Arnold Lively
Carl Carper* Jack Stafford Rick Lowry Carol McClaugherty
Pat Twohig* Clarence Noble* Steve Dalton Greg Quick
Cam Hunter Jim Miller Doug Freeman* Candy Stanley
Odell Huffman* Dewey W. Russell Bill Whittaker Jeff Disibbio
Richard D. Allen John C. Anderson William H. Armstrong Kevin N. Cole
Kevin R. Compton J Richard Copeland Clifford F. Davidson Stacey Hicks
Edward V Hortin Kimberly Howerton David Kirk Marshall Mann
Robert C. Martin James L Miller Clarence R Noble Lily Powell
Emory J Reaser George W Seaver, III Reagan Southers Jessica F. Stephens
Craig F. Stout James W Thompson Tammie Toler Gina D Boggess
Tammie K. Lucas Jane Blanton Stout Heather Poff




Princeton Rotary Club 1924-2018


Name Year Name Year
W.S. Dangerfield 1924-25 C.H. Phipps 1925-26
Lowery G. Bowling 1926-27 George H. Brown 1927-28
W.H. Roberts 1928-29 W.D. Shuff 1929-30
H.E. DeJamette 1930-31 A.R. Kyle 1931-32
J.H. McGlothin 1932-33 A.E. McGuire 1933-34
R.F. Lucas 1934-35 H.B. Pearis 1935-36
E.K. Ketron 1936-37 J.I. Markell 1937-38
Frank McKenzie 1938-39 L. Fred Snead 1939-40
Earnest D. Lilly 1940-41 C.E. Jones 1941-42
W.R. Smith Jr. 1942-43 Ben W. Bird 1943-44
John C. Fox 1944-45 Dewey J. Bailey 1945-46
J.E. McMullen 1946-47 David Kirby 1947-48
L.J. Pace 1948-49 John A. Womeldorph 1949-50
J.C. Anderson 1950-51 Scott Lilly 1951-52
E.W. Anderson 1952-53 W. Grady Carper 1953-54
H.M. Strong Jr. 1954-55 V.H. Stewart 1955-56
C.H. Gadd 1956-57 Carl Carper 1957-58
G. Wright Tompson 1958-59 Odell Huffman 1959-60
Therin Rogers 1960-61 H.M. Strong Sr. 1961-62
J. Richard Copeland 1962-63 Harry Thompson 1963-64
John McCabe 1964-65 Stan Belcher 1965-66
E.J. Reaser 1966-67 Robert E. Holroyd 1967-68
G.T. Lowe 1968-69 Yandell Page 1969-70
Broughton Johnston 1970-71 Cameron Hunter 1971-72
Edwin L. Lucas 1972-73 Joseph F. Marsh 1973-74
James W. Thompson 1974-75 Gilbert P. Dempsey 1975-76
Ira Southern 1976-77 Charles Pace 1977-78
Bill Sheppard 1978-79 Edward Horton 1979-80
Don Brohard 1980-81 Rick Rotenbery 1981-82
Jim Harrison 1982-83 Curry W. Blank 1983-84
Jim Miller 1984-85 Herb McClaugherty 1985-86
John Perry 1986-87 Jack Brown 1987-88
Jack Stafford 1988-89 Earl Goodwin 1989-90
John Johnson 1990-91 Dewey W. Russell 1991-92
Bob Schumacher 1992-93 William H. Armstrong 1993-94
Nabeel H. Hamden 1994-95 Frederick H. Krout 1995-96
Rick Lowry 1996-97 Robert Farley 1997-98
Casey Martin 1998-99 Steve Dalton 1999-00
Victor L. Allen Jr. 2000-01 John P. Stafford 2001-02
John W. Groseclose Jr. 2002-03 Lee Ross 2003-04
Lee Ross 2003-04 Rick Allen 2004-05
Dewey W. Russel 2005-06 Greg Pruett 2006-07
Roger Topping 2007-08 Mori Williams 2008-09
Bill Whittaker 2009-10 Tammie Toler 2010-11
Jeff Disibbio 2011-12 David Kirk 2012-13
Kevin Cole 2013-14 David Shumate 2014-15
Heather Poff 2015-16 Carol McClaugherty 2016-17
Tammie Lucas 2017-18 Roger Topping 2018-19

Rotary Attendance

Rotarians strive for 100% attendance. A member may make-up attendance at any other club within 14 days before or after the meeting missed.

Rotary District No.7550 Club Meeting Days

Monday Noon Charleston, Huntington, Lewisberg, Marlinton
Tuesday Morning Summersville
Tuesday Noon Beckley, Bluefield, Oak Hill, Putnam County, South Charleston, Williamson
Tuesday Evening Kimball, Western Greenbrier
Wednesday Morning Charleston Vandalia
Wednseday Noon Barbousville, Logan
Thursday Noon Madison, Milton, St. Albans, White Sulphur Springs, Whitesville
Thursday Evening Fayetteville, Matewan, Peterstown
Friday Noon Ceredo-Kenova, Hinton, Princeton